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About Us

Save the Globe in India's first Leadership NGO that focusses on Child Sponsorship, Youth Empowerment and Community Development. Started in the year 2008 by a young team of students,  the Organisation has now grown wide Empowering over 10000+ Young Leaders who are now Corporate Professionals.

Child Sponsorship

We Sponsor Education for Children through our unique initiative called "Spread A Smile" Project.

We have three CS Centres in India

- Kalhatty (Nilgiris)
- Anaikatty (Coimbatore)
- Dharapuram (Tirupur).

Youth Empowerment

We run various youth Empowerment programs such as :

- Leadership Sessions in Institutions

- Career Guidance Sessions in Institutions

- Awakening the Giant (Life Transformation Workshop)

Community Development

Along side our Child Sponsorship initiative we aim to create better habitation in the area surrounded by the CS Centre.  Either the CS Centre / Children in the CS Centre / People living in and around the CS centre will be the beneficiaries of such initiatives.

A few of them would be
- Creation or Restoration of Basic Facilities (Water / Electricity / Toilets, Etc)  
- Computer / Literature Education
- School Bags / Sports Kit / Play Materials / Etc